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Grapes may also protect tooth enamel from decay for a long time

Many things cause damage to enamel and rot, but can grapes protect them from that?

A new study published in the Journal of Dental Research reveals that there may be a compound in grapes that is able to harden enamel and protect it from decay.

Tooth damage with caries

The researchers stated that such results will help a large group of people, strengthen their enamel and enhance their health, so you will not lose them early in life.

This compound discovered in grapes has been consistently associated with many blessings of human fitness, the most important of which is the enhancement of blood flow and the strengthening of cardiac plaques in the frame.

The researchers concluded in the recent examination that this compound has become able to reduce the possibilities of tooth extraction by using the increasing presence of fillings that range from five to seven years in the daily scenario, and this compound works to strengthen the dentin specifically.

This result is that in the event of tooth damage, dentists may be able to use a dental shield and make it more effective with the materials used in fillings, thus reducing the risk of tooth decay.

The researchers stated that in the event of problems with dental fillings, the risk of caries increases, which prompts them to search for an opportunity and some other treatments for these troubles.

It should be noted that there are many treatments available at the present time to deal with tooth decay, which aim to get rid of the affected part of the tooth and update it with fillings made of various materials, including porcelain or composite resin.

Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, these substances re-infect the enamel with decay after several years.

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