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Are women more likely to have a heart attack than men?

Is girls’ hazard of heart attack higher than men’s? What are the chance factors for this? Find out the most essential statistics on the subject.

The outcomes of a brand new examination published in the medical magazine (BMJ) found that women who smoke, or who suffer from high blood pressure, have an extensively better threat of coronary heart assault in comparison to men.

The researchers, based totally on the look at, stated that doctors must pick out these women from their customers and offer them important hospital therapy.

In assessment, guys are approximately three times much more likely to have a heart attack than girls normally.

To attain these consequences, the researchers targeted almost 500,000 people, whose ages ranged from 40-sixty nine years. After seven years of taking a look at it, researchers discovered that five,081 human beings had had a heart assault and that one in three of the injured were girls.

The researchers stated that girls who smoke are 3 instances more likely to have a heart assault than non-smokers while having excessive blood strain increases the hazard of a heart assault by about eighty three%.

The researchers referred to that having diabetes, both kind 1 or type 2, will increase girls’ danger of coronary heart attack as nicely.

Signs of a heart assault

Given the significance of the topic, we give you signs and symptoms that imply you are having a coronary heart attack:

  • Chest pain and a feeling of stress inside the area
  • A sense of pain radiating from the chest to other areas of the frame consisting of the arm, jaw, or neck
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Sweating
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feeling traumatic
  • Cough or sneeze.e

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